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Speargun Rubber
  • Speargun Rubber

    A range of speargun rubbers in store that can be cut to length and made professionally while you wait.
    In stock in store!
    100% natural latex designed to ensure great performance over time.

    • Rigging Speargun Rubber

      Replacing your speargun rubbers sometimes requires you rig the rubbers yourself while in your gun. If that's the case, we'll send it to you premade and cut to your desired length set with a dyneema wishbone and 1mm spectra but leave the last bit for you to do.
      If you're unsure how to set your own rubbers, bring your gun in store and we'll rig the rubber for you at no extra cost!

    • Taking care of your equipment

      Speargun rubbers will often need replacing. To extend their lifespan, rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, wipe off any sand or grit attached to them.

    • 10% Course and Retreat Discount!

      Anyone who has taken a course with Freedive Tasmania is offered a 10% discount on all store gear after any other discounts offered. If you've taken a course or retreat with Freedive Tasmania, check your email for the discount code!

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