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Learn to freedive in the magical kelp forests and crystal blue waters of Tasmania.

We are passionate freedivers with unparalelled experience in Tasmania. Our goal is to take you on top of the line freediving adventures, training and supply equipment that we freedivers use ourselves.

Seals hold their breath diving in a kelp forest.

Explore Tasmania Underwater

one breath at a time

Tasmania's waters offer world class diving with a variety of environments, featuring a vibrant and active flora and fauna including seals, dolphins, and giant kelp forests. No other diving agency in Tasmania has experience in freediving on the same level that we do, and our instructors have decades of freediving experience exploring all coasts of Tasmania. We want to share our experience with you in a personalised way- we're not afraid to show you our secret spots!

Soak in our passion for freediving in Tasmania.

pool training freediving wetsuit

Courses and Retreats

Freediving courses for the beginner, intermediate and advanced students, spearfishing courses for those who want learn how to be sustainable, safe and an effective hunter, and more.

playful seal play swim with seals

Why Freedive?

On the fence? This is why we think
freediving is awesome.

Freediver scuba diving bubbles

Online Equipment Shop

Get equipment that you can trust from freedivers and spearfishers who use it themselves.

Don't want to pay for a course?

Freediving is a known as a dangerous sport, but it is so easy to be safe. If you don't want to pay for a course, please consider completing the online safety course for freediving- at no charge.

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Get in touch today to schedule a course with Freedive Tasmania.


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