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PADI Freediver Course Tasmania Australia
  • PADI Freediver 2 Day Course

    Learn to dive deeper and longer!

    The Freediver course is an awesome experience, having fun and enjoying the natural focus and relaxation freediving brings with an emphasis on how to freedive safely. Based out of either Hobart and the Tasman Peninsula or Bicheno, you'll see the incredible underwater world Tasmania has to offer.

    This course is the PADI equivalent of the AIDA Level 2 Course, Molchanov Wave 1 and the SSI Freediver, and comes with the PADI Freediver qualification.

    This course fits new freedivers and experienced freediver/spearfishers, and will answer all your personal questions about equalising, relaxation, equipment, technique errors, training, safety and rescues, physics and physiology. The maximum course size is 4 people.

    The prerequisites for the course are:
    300m swim test
    PADI Freediver Medical Questionnaire
    15+ years of age

    PADI Freediver performance requirements (to be completed during the course):
    Held a static breathhold of atleast one minute and thirty seconds;
    Swum atleast 25m in dynamic apnea;
    Dived to atleast 10m in one breath.

    Students in this course will often double or triple their breathhold under our instructor's guidance.

    Included in this course is:
    - Comprehensive Theory Sessions
    - Online PADI eLearning
    - Confined Water Session
    - Minimum 2 Ocean Dives
    - Photos and Videos
    - Free access to all future pool and ocean sessions!
    - More time spent with your instructor than any other two day course in Australia.

    If you want this course tailored for you let us know! If you're looking for more depth, or just starting out, our instructor would love to get to know you personally and give the best experience we can.

    • Reserving a place on a course

      If you would like to reserve a place on a course with Freedive Tasmania, please send us an email and we'll organise a deposit.

    • Refund Policy

      • A full refund is given if the course is cancelled.
      • A full refund is given if cancelling or rescheduling a course 8 days or more from the date of your course.
      • A 75% discount on the next course is given if rescheduling more than 3 days before the date of your course.
      • A 50% refund is given if cancelling more than 3 days before the date of your course.
    • What people have said about the PADI Freediver

      Had an epic time on the Freediver course. Felt super confident after the pool session before entering the ocean. Learnt a ton of things not just about free diving but also the local marine environment that I found really valuable. I didn’t think i was capable of the things we did in this course, left me with a great feeling. Kaeo is an excellent teacher, and makes the entire weekend a really enjoyable time. Get amongst it!
      - Tim Daff

      This is a top notch course run by a very dedicated instructor who cares deeply about Freediving. After enrolling for his course I realized there was so much more to freediving than just standard breath holding. He is very patient especially with dynamic and static apnea techniques and runs both the confined dives as well as the open water diving. Kaeo is highly experienced and offers a very competitive rate. After I couldn’t equalize on my first course he took me out again to make sure I qualified. It’s very evident that he cares about the sport over making money and frequently follows up with me and answers all my questions even after I’ve qualified. Thank you Kaeo for being an excellent instructor! The future of freediving in Tasmania is in good hands for sure.
      -Nilesh Bartlett

      The best. No matter where you are with your water-journey, you will have a great time. Absolutely zero pressure, just safe, fun and friendly! Could not recommend enough. Suitable for all levels!
      -Aidan Clark (Biscuits)

      Loved this course!!!
      I learnt so much over the two days! Kaeo is an incredible instructor which made the course even that much more enjoyable! Felt super relaxed, safe and confident with Kaeo's guidance and experience. The course is invaluable. You'll not only learn and practice breathing techniques but also become more familiar with how to freedive safely for yourself and your buddy. This course is also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people on the course that you can buddy with in the future!
      -Emma Nichols

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