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PADI Advanced Freediver
  • PADI Advanced Freediver

    Achieving a new freediving time or reaching a new depth is an incredible feeling. It satisfies that very personal desire to do your best and be proud of what you can accomplish. The PADI Advanced Freediver course is designed to fulfil that personal need to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea.

    Our Advanced Course is longer and more in depth than any other course like it in Australia. The minimum number of ocean dives in this course is 3- we'll be out often and practising both in and out of the water. We believe that if you're taking an advanced course, you're here to learn and experience more- not just hit a depth requirement and get a certification.

    By the end of the course, you will be able to dive atleast 20m in constant weight apnea, 50m in dynamic apnea, and two minutes and thirty seconds in static apnea.

    To undertake this course, you must have a PADI Freediver certification or equivalent.
    This course is the PADI equivalent of the AIDA Level 3  Course, Molchanov Wave 2 and the SSI Advanced Freediver.

    • Reserving a place on a course

      If you would like to reserve a place on a course with Freedive Tasmania, please send us an email and we'll organise a deposit.

    • Refund Policy

      • A full refund is given if the course is cancelled.
      • A full refund is given if cancelling or rescheduling a course 8 days or more from the date of your course.
      • A 75% discount on the next course is given if rescheduling more than 3 days before the date of your course.
      • A 50% refund is given if cancelling more than 3 days before the date of your course.
    • What people have said about the Advanced Freediver

      Kaeo is an absolutely incredible instructor!
      His knowledge of Tasmanian waters, balanced and patient approach made the four days we spent together on the PADI Advanced Freediver course the best dive experience I've ever had. I also participated in the Discover Freedive course with my partner - also amazing.

      Thank you Kaeo for doing what you do. Tassie is blessed to have you!
      -Brandon Wong

      We just completed a PADI Advanced Freediver Course run by Kaeo of Freedive Tasmania.
      Kaeo is a very experienced, extremely dedicated instructor who cares deeply about the Ocean and the sport of freediving. He is a passionate facilitator and very thorough with ALL aspects of teaching.
      Not only did we greatly improve our skills, we also walked away with a wealth of knowledge regarding the marine environment. Thank you Kaeo, we are very much looking forward to our next visit.
      -Ossi Ramp

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