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Freediving Courses

Freedive Tasmania is the only freediving agency with experience and passion for Tasmania's freediving. We have a wide range of courses and retreats to suit everyone's ability, experience and adventurousness. All our courses include pool sessions, theory sessions, online study and open water dives and more hours spent with your instructor than any other school in Australia.


Learn to dive deeper and longer!

The Freediver course is an awesome experience, exploring the underwater world and  the natural focus and relaxation freediving brings, with an emphasis on how to freedive safely. At the end of the course you will become a PADI qualified Freediver.

PADI Freediver Course Tasmania

Kickstart your ocean journey by getting coaching on spearfishing and freediving to bring you up levels in your freediving and spearfishing prowess. Includes a PADI Freediver certification.

PADI Freediver Course Spearo Spearfishing Course Tasmania

Take some time off get your breathhold back to its best and meet other freedivers in our 4 day freediving and yoga retreats. Accomodation and catering included.


The inclusive introduction to freediving.

This one-day course is a great way to experience freediving, going over basic and essential elements of freediving, consisting of a theory session, a pool session and an ocean session.

Introductory Freediving Course Tasmania

Want us to show you our favourite spots?
You don't need to take a course to jump in the water! Come with us to dive in our giant kelp forests and meet our friendly local seals!

Guided Snorkelling and Freediving Tour

Achieving a new freediving time or reaching a new depth is an incredible feeling. It satisfies that very personal desire to do your best and be proud of what you can accomplish. Our PADI Advanced Freediver course is designed to fulfil that personal need to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea.

PADI Advanced Freediver Level 3 Freediving Course Tasmania

PADI Mermaid Courses

Flip your fins into the magical world of Mermaiding with Mermaid Kaz, Tasmania's first PADI Certified Mermaid and PADI Mermaid Instructor!

Mermaid Kaz offers courses for adults and children, both in the North and South of Tasmania. All equipment is available for rental during your course.


The Pool Coaching program is dedicated to providing weekly comprehensive coaching to freedivers of all levels, focusing on enhancing breath hold, underwater swimming skills, and overall fitness through tailored training, fun underwater activities, technique refinement, and safe practice in small class settings.

Static apnea Tasmania
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