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About Freedive Tasmania

Our island home has some of the best temperate diving not just in Australia, but the world. It is a stronghold for the last forests of giant kelp, with curious seals and dolphins, and is along the migratory routes of whales. Tasmania captures anyone with a love for the ocean and diving.

Tasmania is often quite literally left off the map of Australia. This is a blessing in some ways, as it is definitely a well-kept secret. But being far from the big cities and well-trodden paths does come with risks.

Pack of Fish

If you have a passion for freediving, there is nothing stopping you from diving in. All you need is yourself. However, without the right training, it is a dangerous activity, with misinformation having deadly results.
Freedive Tasmania was formed by  PADI Instructor and Master Freediver Kaeo Landon-Lane.
"I grew up in Tassie's ocean with a passion for freediving and teaching it, long before I got qualified as a freediver. I saw a real need for easily accessible freediving courses in Tasmania. As a teenager, I would often be diving alone, and never with qualified buddies who knew safety or rescue techniques. I started without any guidance from a teacher, and after I took my first course, I knew I had to make a difference in Tasmania."

Freedive Tasmania's goal is to build on the scattered community of freediving in Tasmania, linking people together who want to dive, and providing the teaching statewide to make sure those who are going to freedive can freedive with the right training. These two goals combined make it a safer and more enjoyable sport, shared by everyone!

Meet Your Instructors


Kaeo Landon-Lane

PADI Master Freediver Instructor, Founder

If there is two things I'm passionate about, it's Tasmania, and water. I know freediving in Tasmania as much as I know myself! I have dived around Tasmania's coasts for my entire life, and have trained under freediving masters around the world. I can honestly say I Tassie has the most incredible freediving the world has to offer- after diving overseas I would always jump straight in to the giant kelp forests, swim with the seals and explore the caves of granite boulders when I came back.

After having no access to any training in Tasmania, I made it a mission to bring training here. Tasmania is an underrated, world-class diving location, and the home of the best giant kelp forests in Australia, and no one knows freediving here better than me.


Nathan Williams

AIDA 4 Master Freediver, Assistant Instructor


I grew up on Tassie’s coast and developed a love for being under water at a young age. Before long, I was spearfishing and harvesting seafood. I loved that I could bring home fresh seafood in a sustainable way.

I continued to explore new underwater places around Tasmania and to seek greater depths, safety and training when I found Freedive Tasmania and discovered line diving and other disciplines of diving. I sought out depth training, high performance pool coaching and participated in two Australian Underwater Games Pool Competitions giving me experience and confidence in a new level of the sport.


I love that freediving can be admiring the amazing and weird underwater world, sourcing fresh seafood, a quiet introspective journey to the depths or a competitive sport. Freediving has taught me to push my limits and also to surrender and just be in the now which transfers over into my day-to-day life.

Freediving has now given me the opportunity to help others have fun discovering new places whilst learning more about what's in their backyard and to push their physical and mental barriers in a safe and positive community. I look forward to seeing you in the ocean or the pool!


Mermaid Kaz
PADI Mermaid Instructor


From a very early age, I have been fascinated by mermaids and the ocean. Growing up in Tasmania 15 minutes from the beach, I fell in love with our pristine beaches and coastlines. However, battling a lifelong phobia of sharks kept me out of water past my waist. It wasn't until I decided I needed to face my fears and take on a new challenge that I started researching Freediving and then discovered Mermaiding.


I have travelled extensively to the mainland and trained with some of Australia's top Mermaid Instructors and Mermaid Instructor Trainers, and I am thrilled to have made my own dreams come true by becoming not only Tasmania's first PADI Mermaid and professional mermaid performer, but also the first Mermaid Instructor on our beautiful island. I love to share my passion for Mermaid diving and the beauty of fluid, peaceful underwater movement, be it in the pool or the ocean.  

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