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Coached Pool Training

The Pool Coaching program is dedicated to providing weekly comprehensive coaching to freedivers of all levels, focusing on enhancing breath hold, underwater swimming skills, and overall fitness through tailored training, fun underwater activities, technique refinement, and safe practice in small class settings.

The training program emphasises a blend of technique refinement and progressive fitness training throughout its duration to optimise freediving progression. Participants can expect to be challenged in a structured environment that adheres to safe and scientifically grounded training principles.

We firmly believe that consistent pool training, ideally a minimum of two times per week, is essential for enhancing performance in breath holding (apnea) and mastering the PADI pool disciplines. This philosophy underpins our Pool Freediving Coaching program, which is structured to provide goal-oriented training aimed at improving various aspects:

Underwater Swimming Technique: Refining your stroke and efficiency in the water.

Relaxation: Learning to stay calm and conserve energy underwater.

CO2 Tolerance: Building your ability to manage carbon dioxide levels during breath-holds.

• Fitness (Anaerobic Endurance): Developing the stamina required for breath-holding activities.

Terms, Sessions, Costs

The Pool Coaching program consists of 6 weeks per term.

Participants can choose the number of sessions per week from 1 to as many as 3 to best fit your schedule and training goals. This flexibility allows for tailored participation based on individual availability and desired level of commitment to the program.

The sessions take place at the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre Dive Pool.

During our coaching sessions, it is possible to achieve the pool criteria for PADI Freediver, PADI Advanced Freediver, or Spearfishing course certifications. These sessions present an ideal opportunity to train for and successfully complete the pool requirements for these certifications.
Additionally, booking a coaching term grants a 10% discount on any of our courses.

Towards the end of the second term (every 12 weeks), we aim to organise either a max night or a fun & friendly competition to assess your progress throughout the term. If you're interested, feel free to ask for more details.

For booking your pool coaching sessions or to get more information, please reach out to Nathan directly at for any assistance you need with scheduling, session details, and any inquiries you may have about the coaching program.

​Terms and Conditions
• Unfortunately, no pro-rata arrangements are available for participants who miss classes.
• Term fees are non-refundable after the end of Week 1 of the term.
• If you pay for a session that is already fully booked at the time of payment, a full refund will be issued to you.

• Each session has a capped number of participants, and your spot is confirmed only after payment is received.


Term 1: 1/7/24 to 10/8/24

Term 2: Dates to be announced

Term 3: Dates to be announced

Term 4: Dates to be announced


Please reach out to Nathan directly for any assistance you need with scheduling, session details, and any inquiries you may have about the coaching program.


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