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Seac Motus Fins
  • Seac Motus Fins

    The Motus fins are the stepping stone from beginner freediver or spearo to the advanced. Coming with removable, high-performance polymer blades and super comfortable high-density thermoplastic rubber footpockets, this fin is designed for long freediving and spearfishing sessions. The medium-soft stiffness blades come in the base black colour, but we also have five camoflage colour options: red, grey, blue, brown and green.
    The 22 degree angle in the blades increase the responsiveness of finning, allowing for a much better finning and energy economy when holding the breath. The long blade length makes for a massive upgrade in efficiency.

    When you're ready to upgrade to carbon fibre blades, you can switch out the blades and keep the comfortable footpockets without having to pay for new footpockets. Motus footpockets will fit any carbon fibre or fibreglass blades.

    • Taking care of your fins

      Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, leave to dry in the shade, and store in a dry place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat, being careful to position the fins so that both the blade and the foot pocket will not be permanently bent. To keep the foot pocket in shape, use the special shapers provided with the fins.

    • 10% Course and Retreat Discount!

      Anyone who has taken a course with Freedive Tasmania is offered a 10% discount on all store gear after any other discounts offered! If you've taken a course or retreat with Freedive Tasmania, check your email for the discount code!

    $215.00 Regular Price
    $204.25Sale Price
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