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Depthwish Luna Mask
  • Depthwish Luna Mask

    The Luna mask by Depthwish is an ultra-low volume mask designed with comfort, vision, durability and affordability in mind. While the curved plastic lenses are not scratchproof, they drastically reduce fog compared to glass lenses, and allows for a 180° field of view that is unmatched by any glass lens mask on the market. The robust strap buckles are designed with longevity in mind. Thickened frames further add strength. The silicone skirt comes in three options- opaque black, or white, and transparent.


    Like all other Depthwish products, the Vex mask is a top-of-the-line freediving mask designed and tested in our wild Tasmanian waters.

    10% of all Depthwish profits go towards funding local ocean based non-profits and charities.


    • Zero fog plastic lenses
    • 180° degree field of view
    • Robust design
    • Designed and tested in Tasmania
    • Supports local ocean-based charities and non-profits
    • Taking care of your equipment

      Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, leave to dry in the shade, and store in a dry place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat.

    • 20% Depthwish Discount

      Anyone who has taken a course or retreat with Freedive Tasmania is offered a 20% discount on all Depthwish gear.

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