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Depthwish High Stretch Silicon Weightbelt
  • Depthwish High Stretch Silicon Weightbelt

    The super-elastic Marsellaise silicon weightbelt, like all Depthwish products, has been designed, tested and improved by experienced divers.


    The high stretch allows the belt to be worn on the hips rather than around the waist- with these belts you can breathe unrestricted, no matter the shape or slope of your hips.


    The Marsellaise buckle makes it easy to tighten with just one hand, as the belt will slide with help from the roller through the buckle rather than grip. The pin locks in effortlessly and to release, you simply pull on the tail end of the belt. The roller makes this belt the safest belt as it is a much quicker release than traditional duck-bill buckles.

    Depthwish chose silicon as the material for the belt as its elasticity and durability is unmatched- leave your stiff rubber or nylon belts behind.
    If you've found that you have to wear your weightbelt around your waist instead if at your hips, try out Depthwish's purpose built weightbelt.

    Fits all standard moulded weights. Black, blue or white belts available.


    • High stretch
    • Quicker release
    • Easy to get tight
    • Excellent performance
    • Fits various sizes
    • Reliable
    • Safer than any other weightbelt
    • Superior UV resistance
    • 135cm


    10% of all Depthwish profits go towards funding local ocean based non-profits and charities.

    • Taking care of your equipment

      Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, leave to dry in the shade, and store in a dry place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat.

    • 10% Course and Retreat Discount!

      Anyone who has taken a course with Freedive Tasmania is offered a 10% discount on all store gear after any other discounts offered. If you've taken a course or retreat with Freedive Tasmania, check your email for the discount code!

    $80.00 Regular Price
    $72.00Sale Price
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