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Seac Shout Kelp Camo Fins
  • Seac Shout Kelp Camo Fins

    A great choice for freedivers and spearos in Tasmania who want to blend in with our kelp forests! Each fin has been molded invidiually, leading to no two fins having the same exact colour or pattern. 

    Seac Shout Freediving Fins Features:
    Composite full foot, non-vented, medium stiffness blade fin for spearfishing and Freediving.
    Blade angle designed at an anatomically correct 22-degrees for superior performance with less effort.
    Comfortable open-toe design with foot pocket molded from thermoplastic Elastomer.
    Wear with or without neoprene socks.
    Side rails and ribs reduce water spilling over blade edges during the kick, improving kick efficiency, thrust, and power.
    Long blade length makes for a massive upgrade in efficiency over snorkelling and scuba diving fins- a 50% decrease in the total fin kicks required over a long dive session.

    • Taking care of your equipment:

      Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, leave to dry in the shade, and store in a dry place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat, being careful to position the fins so that both the blade and the foot pocket will not be permanently bent. To keep the foot pocket in shape, use the special shapers provided with the fins.

    • 10% Course and Retreat Discount!

      Anyone who has taken a course with Freedive Tasmania is offered a 10% discount on all store gear after any other discounts offered! If you've taken a course or retreat with Freedive Tasmania, check your email for the discount code!

    $165.00 Regular Price
    $132.00Sale Price
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