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Seac Gannet
  • Seac Gannet

    The Gannet will keep you hidden and warm while you're freediving or spearfishing. Using 5mm open cell, with a coated fabric exterior for UV and wear protection, and heavy duty scratch-proof Powertex kevlar kneepads. The anatomic, preformed cut makes a snug, comfortable fit with unmatched flexibility, like it was made just for you. The camouflage pattern blends perfectly in Tasmania's kelp forests. All seams are glued and blind stitched. High-waisted pants allow for easy access as opposed to long johns. The thick Melco tape speargun loading pad covers more area than other pads, making those longer guns easier to reload.

    We recommend the Seac Gannett 5mm Open Cell suit for Tassie and wear it ourselves for freediving and spearfishing, even through winter. The raw open cell interior eliminates water entering the suit, and allows for far greater flexibility than traditional lined suits while being very easy to don and doff.


    • 5mm Open Cell
    • UV and wear resistant camouflage exterior fabric
    • Po