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Javelin Polespear
  • Javelin Polespear

    The Javelin Polespear is a handspear that bridges the gap between novice and intermediate spearo. If you want to catch fish and really feel connected with the hunt, the Javelin is for you. Tapered ends of the spear offer greater accuracy when your grip loosens on your target. Every Javelin comes with a single powerband, a barbed 5 prong clusterhead, a flopper spearhead, and a fabric carry case. The flopper spearhead allows you to get larger fish than the traditional 5 prong clusterheads of other handspears. The Javelin comes in two lengths: 1.8m two-piece, and 2.4m three piece for extra range.

    Instructor's Recommendation:
    This handspear teaches the spearo how to behave around fish. The lower range of handspears than a speargun requires you to get closer to your target. I started off learning with these, they are a great stepping stone.

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