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Why Spearfish?

Spearfishing gets a bad reputation due to the actions of a few people with poor ethics.

In actuality, spearfishing is the most sustainable form of fishing, and is practised by ocean caretakers worldwide. It's by far the most fun and ocean-connected way to fish. Well, that's what we think anyway! Have a read of why.

From Vegans to Hunters

Sustainability. The first thing we should talk about.

Freedivers with a passion for marine science and adventure have learned the effects of commercial and recreational scale fishing. The use of fishing nets and lines result in damage, stress and death to fish that weren't the target of the fisher. Nets in particular are indiscriminate fishing tools that catch and kill undersize, oversize, off-season, breeding and protected species, and catch and release even when done correctly results in the accidental demise of fish.


Spearfishing, however, rarely results in accidental death of fish, as we can see the exact fish we are targeting and we can accurately guess its size and status, resulting in us only taking the fish that we want. Spearfishing has the lowest bycatch of any fishing method by a huge margin!

Additionally, with the hands-on nature of spearfishing, we can accurately document and interact with other parts of the ocean. We get a much more detailed idea of the health of the ecosystem, and can take a role of caretaker removing pests, invasive species and debris.

The amount of effort that goes in to the catch of each fish is much higher in spearfishing. From getting your wetsuit on, swimming out to various reefs, looking closely for hidden and camouflaged sea life- even loading a speargun is a big effort. All this extra energy expended makes for less fish, so we choose the fish we want carefully, and subsequently have less impact.





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